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In the lead up to the second volume of Verfreundungseffekt coming out this summer, I’ll be posting content from the first volume online for all. Starting off this series of posts is Lindsay Corstorphine’s alternative Berlin travelogue. 


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Verfreundungseffekt Volume II will be published this summer and marked with a series of events. It will, after all, be a very special occasion. 
Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting pieces from the first volume that have up to now only been available in print. You can still buy the first volume at the Bathysphere Editions bigcartel page for only £5. 

Verfreundungseffekt Volume II will be published this summer and marked with a series of events. It will, after all, be a very special occasion. 

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting pieces from the first volume that have up to now only been available in print. You can still buy the first volume at the Bathysphere Editions bigcartel page for only £5

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Submissions open for Verfreundungseffekt Volume 2 


Almost exactly 2 months since the Verfreundungseffekt evening at Ti Pi Tin book shop in Stoke Newington, East London may I (finally) announce the opening of submissions for Volume 2 of Verfreundungseffekt magazine. Volume 2 will be double the size of Volume 1 and will be the second publication of a planned trilogy of ‘Veffekt’s. The first volume was sold at the Tate Modern Bookshop, the ICA, X Marks the Bokship and Ti Pi Tin, and was published in February 2012.

Verfreundungseffekt documents where German culture meets British and American culture and vice versa, and also explores German art, culture, history and the German language.

In the previous volume we had images and a commentary about an alternative film about Berlin; how it felt for two Germans growing up in British and American school systems; a new German model for freelance work; an article about stereotypical German fashion; a footnoted essay on Thomas Mann’s Der Zauberberg; a piece on the musician Hauschka; a song about Beethoven; a poem inspired by German film; painting influenced by German theatre concepts, and much more.

We’re looking for articles, photography, short fiction, illustration, diary entries, reviews, screenshots, interviews, poetry, bilingual texts, patterns, designs, plants, architecture, quotes; a word, a sentence, a paragraph, an essay.

The more unusual and personal the better. This is not an academic journal, but an ethnographic multi-form magazine. It is for people who are really interested in something or someone German, or alternatively, for Germans who have an interest for something or someone British or American.

The deadline will be January 15th 2014.

To submit, pitch ideas or ask questions please email the editor Jen Calleja at jenniferannecalleja at hotmail dot com

To purchase Volume 1 of Verfreundungseffekt for £5, please visit the Bathysphere Editions Bigcartel.

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VERFREUNDUNGSEFFEKT - 10TH JULY 2013, 6.30pm - 9.30pm Ti Pi Tin, Stoke Newington



Join us at bookshop Ti Pi Tin in Stoke Newington on Wednesday 10th July for the first in a series of special evening events based on themes arising from an individual arts or literary publication. Each event will take an independently produced, small-run book or magazine as a starting point for a short programme of presentations, screenings and performances by artists, writers, filmmakers and publishers.

Focusing on the Anglo-German arts journal Verfreundungseffekt edited by Jen Calleja, this evening will feature talks, projections and performances exploring cultural exchange between the UK and Germany, the German language in English translation and bilingual publishing in a broader sense. It will also celebrate the opening of submissions for the second volume of Verfreundungseffekt, due for release in Spring/Summer 2014.

Curator Olivia Reynolds will discuss her work with LoBe, a residency program based across London and Berlin. Using the residency format as a curatorial strategy, LoBe manages two project spaces with a strong focus on installation and site specific practice, as well as art communication. Olivia will demonstrate how dialogue between artists from different cities has produced exciting new art situations, and further discuss the challenges faced by cross-cultural and cross-language initiatives and the current state of cultural and artistic exchange between the UK and Germany.

Rebecca May Johnson will present her ongoing work on Barbara Köhler’s epic cycle of poetry Niemands Frau (2007). Niemands Frau is centrally an engagement with Homer’s Odyssey, although it incorporates a vast number of intertextual references and themes including Ovid’s Metamorphoses, T.S. Eliot’s Wasteland, Plato’s Republic, biographies of Alan Turing, the voice of Greta Garbo, quantum mechanics, computers and films. Rebecca will present Niemands Frau as an intervention in a tradition of translation; a ‘minor translation’ that represents a shift from an understanding of reality in which objective fact can exist and predictions made to an understanding which produces plural probability, and where finite, single truth is not possible.

Rebecca’s talk will be followed by a poetic response to themes in Niemands Frau, ideas around the “translator persona” and disintegration of the text written and read by Jen Calleja.

The evening will culminate with a very special, rare performance by multiple award-winning German poet Frank Klötgen , who will be travelling all the way from Berlin to perform on the night. His poems can be both hilarious and dark, and are remarkable for the energetic way the German language is made to dance through his writing and performance. Jen Calleja’s English translations of the poems will be projected during the performance.


Verfreundungseffekt is a German-English language magazine exploring ‘Germanness’ and ‘The Angloamerican’ designed by Joe Hales and edited by Jen Calleja. The magazine views cultures as ‘mythologies’ created by the tourist or the emigrant from another nation. This perspective raises questions about the performance, idealisation and stereotyping of nationalities, as well as the possibility and problems of translation, alienation and cultural understanding. Verfreundungseffekt is a more ethnographic record of the modern-day emigres moving from the UK to Germany/Germany to the UK/America compared to the academic, analysed and generalised accounts of these countries’ history and culture.

Olivia Reynolds is the initiator of LoBe and lives in Berlin and London. As an artist she has exhibited throughout the UK, Scotland, Poland and Germany, and as a curator she was involved in ‘Out of Mind, Out of Sight’ at Kelvingrove, Glasgow and the group show ‘Hackgold’ at Space Gallery, London. She has recently been a judge in the U-Bahn Art poster competition in Berlin. Since 2009, she has run LoBe as a full time occupation.

Jen Calleja is a writer, poet, literary translator, reader and editor of Verfreundungseffekt. Her short fiction and poetry have been published in many independent publications and her first book translation Made On Earth by Wolfgang Korn is published by Bloomsbury. She has translated essays for PEN International and has written for Modern Poetry in Translation magazine and In Other Words, the journal of the British Centre for Literary Translation. She will soon become Acting Editor of the journal New Books in German.

Rebecca May Johnson is a writer and journalist. She has written for The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times, Monocle, Tank for Observer magazine and Salt magazine amongst others. She is currently completing a PhD on Contemporary German Poetry at UCL with a focus on the theoretical and poetic work of Barbara Köhler.


Frank Klötgen is a Berlin-based poet and novelist. He has won the Die Zeit newspaper’s Pegasus Prize for his work of hyperfiction Aaleskorte der Ölig, and has won and been runner-up of multiple national slam championships and competitions. In 2011 he was Writer in Residence of Innsbruck and this year was invited and supported by the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region to perform at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. He has published prose, novels and poetry and is permanently touring Germany and other parts of the world.


Ti Pi Tin was established in 2009 by Katja Chernova originally as an online platform, and has since developed in to a project space dedicated to selling, supporting and promoting publications made by artists. The shop offers a diverse selection of vibrant and stimulating works ranging from independently and self-published limited edition books to small press monographs, journals and zines. Ti Pi Tin initiates a dynamic program of events – talks, screenings and social gatherings aimed at offering visitors opportunities and catalysts for debate and discussion around contemporary independent art publishing.

‘Eine andere art von übersetzung’ Barbara Köhler, Niemands Frau

‘Use the minor language to send the major language racing.’ Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus



Supported by the Goethe-Institut London -

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NEW YEAR SALE - Verfreundungseffekt Volume 1 is now just £5!

To celebrate the coming of 2013, Volume 1 of Verfreundungseffekt is now being sold at a reduced price of £5. The magazine features commentary, poetry, short fiction, illustration and dual-language articles on the subject of Anglo-German cultural relations. This year will hopefully see Volume 2, but more on that some other time.

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New Books in German

I am currently interning for the Spring 2013 issue of the publication New Books in German, which selects and promotes the best German-language fiction, non-fiction and children’s literature to publishers in order to get more excellent Austrian, Swiss and German books translated and published in English.

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Goethe-Institut London

I am now the coordinator for press and public relations at Goethe-Institut London. The Goethe-Institut is the German cultural institute and promotes German language, culture and history abroad through the organisation and support of lectures, conferences, exhibitions and performances. I work this position part-time and spend my remaining time translating and writing fiction, short stories, poems and essays.

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Stefan Zweig: On the Threshold by Renate Ahrens, translated by Jen Calleja

A piece from a new book about how exiled German writers have influenced the German-speaking writers of today, published online on the PEN International website.

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Kafka's Wound by Will Self

A digital essay from Self’s psychogeography vein

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